Collection of Drago Muvrin's African objects of art

Svira: --- 
Figurine - female doll; Aku'ba
Inv. num. 24

h=31.5 cm

Purpose: ritual
Thematic classification: Art of Ashanti people

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Wooden figurine with accentuated oval and flat head.

Akua'ba wooden figurines are characteristic for the Ashantis – a large ethnical group living in Ghana.  They were made by women who always carried them like a real child in order to ensure fertility.  Pregnant women carried them to ensure that they would give birth to a healthy and pretty baby.  The Ashantis are a matrilinear society where the origin is inherited by the female line.  Therefore these dolls were passed down from mother to daughter.  Aqua'ba for girls is a special doll treated as a real child to prepare  for motherhood.

Figurine - female doll; Aku'ba Figurine – female twin; Igbo Mask worn on the top of the head; Chi Wara Qween mother's head
Manila – armlet and ankle bracelet Prediction plate Bowl Drum; Talking drum; Iya'lu dundun
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